Artiste Management

FSA manages 60 Local models, 30 Japanese models and over 15 street performers in London UK. We offer support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for Artist Management and total Artist promotion for the media industry. We have a huge Entertainment network between Singapore, Japan and UK.


FSA Make-up Services

FSA is managing Make-up artist for our Artiste and Fashion Magazine. FSA Organize internship program (Training session) for our FSA make-up artist constantly. We are managing Make-up artiste and supply any Beauty show, Fashion show and Advertising production places.。

Advertising Model

Experienced Models for Stage show, Shooting and Filming. This category's models are having FSA company's full support. Our management is take careing models one by one customized to different models. In Singapore , FSA'sone of leading talent is Dawn Yeoh Yishan, who has signed with Media Corp TV. She is one of the Seven Princess in Singapore . Our Director Mr Takashi Toba groomed her potential and manages her to become one of the top young star in Singapore.

Develop talent

Daily Training