Music Copyrights Management

Choose from our most popular CD & DVD packaging, including Digipaks, jewel cases, jackets, and our environmentally friendly Eco-wallets, printed on recycled board stock. You're just a click away from a gorgeous, retail-ready CD or DVD in professional disc packaging. Best of all, we guarantee the lowest prices for CD & DVD replication.

With the increasing use of low-cost, high performance digital video cameras, hardware and broadband networks, it has become easier to create and distribute multimedia content personally. However, content distribution using a personal library (music, image, logo, etc.) may violate content holder's right. As a solution to this problem, we propose a new approach for music copyright protection on content distribution.

Private Studio

We are leaders in the field of professional entertainment co-ordinater, providing a total package of services.

Editing Room

Recording and mix-down, Audio and Visual Production.


FSA has three deferent types of models. These models are categorized according to looks, age, experience and potentials. Three categorized models are provided branding by FSA, and managed by us according to our promotion strategy.