Check requirements
This auditions is for the person to be Singer, Actor and Actress.
1. The auditions is open to all Females and Males ages between 16 - 26 years old. Applicants must be Singaporeans and PR Holders.
2. You must not have any contracts with any Artiste Management Agencies that will be concerning of marketing,
Send Your Photos
The Photos require ' no wearied cap, no wear sunglasses and no group photo'. Please fill in the application form and email us.
Email to : audition@futurestage
Studio Audition
Once Pass photo selection, you will be asked to come for studio audition.
Start Training
Base on the potentials, Japanese instructor trains you in your vocals and dancing groove with the necessary Artiste attitude.
Once completed training with FSA's management, you will start your Artiste promoting work, involving working internationally, looking into entering different market globally.
Japanese Crew Production
Most of the Japanese creators will be supporting this project. E.g. Ayumi and Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s composers. FSA manages the new group concept for the international market base on its experiences and networks.
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