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FS AERIALS specialize in creating a product that allows your company to stand out in a world surrounded by media marketing. If your visual sales, marketing, operational or training video needs are destined for TV commercials, websites, trade-shows, YouTube & Vimeo, reality shows, or the big screen, we can insure you stand out and get noticed with our remote control aerial video. We offer our services to all forms of sports, commercial, and full production companies. From snow to the big screen and everything in-between. FS AERIALS Cam is able to go where you go to capture your aerial video shots.

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FS AERIALS offer unique aerial photography, video and filming solutions across South East Asia and Japan using our radio-controlled? octocopter and hexacopter to safely and efficiently obtain the aerial photographs or video you require with detail and precision that just can't be achieved with traditional aerial photography.

@¡Wedding photography
@¡Commercial property aerial photography
@¡Construction project aerial photography
@¡Hexacopter aerial roof survey


Filming and Photoshooting for TVC and Inspection of Constructions.
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